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This interior project of a Bombardier Global 5000 was a real extraordinary complex and exciting project. It goes far beyond what one would usually expect from a business jet refurbishment. In fact, it is not a refurbishment – it is a true facelift of design language, look and feel of the entire interior. A very special novelty in this project is our cooperation with the architect JAN KYZLINK (www.kyzlink.com). 

this is not just
a refurbishment –
this is a facelift!

The symmetrical pattern that runs through the entire interior is one of the central design elements.  It can be found on the seating surfaces, on the divan and also on the carpet. The pattern varies greatly due to the different materials, the different scales and colors, but still results in a very harmonious overall picture. And that is important, because „design must be harmonious, just like beautiful music“.

creating a
overall look.


What strikes you immediately in this Global 5000 is the completely different ambience when you enter the aft cabin area. Instead of the elegant white and gray, a warm dark blue and golden trim elements are predominant here.

cozy and
unofficial – it's
time to relax.

This was chosen on purpose by the owner and his architect. Why? Because this is not the business part of the jet. Here is the divan, which should invite you to relax – cozy and unofficial. That’s why it was important to change the design in this room to a real home feeling. This project demanded our expertise on a daily basis. The combination of images, technical drawings, renderings, was the perfect basis for the implementation of the complex vision. Thus, the ideas their interpretation, were precisely coordinated between all those involved in the realization.

design freedom
meets expertise.

To make the cabin’s limited space appear larger overall, Jan and his design team decided to use two interesting details. First, a mirror on the partition wall of the cabin makes the space appear larger. In addition, a special shape was designed for this mirror and the inlay on the opposite partition. The slightly asymmetrical shape deliberately breaks the prevailing curves and lines of the cabin. Together with the color combinations, this creates a more relaxed ambience in the room.

limited space,
huge design.


One design element should not go unmentioned: Decor Film Applications in a black carbon look. „Film Applications, as offered by AeroVisto, are a genius product for the interior design of business jets“ says Jan. The carbon optics reflect the technical and modern aspect of an aircraft — after all, we are sitting in a modern, high-tech machine! So for the right balance and harmony, it was decided that the more technical elements of the interior, such as cabinets and drawers, should have this look.

reflecting the
technical and
modern aspect.

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