Excellence in the heart of Europe.

Approved Excellence in Interior Services

We know what business aviation is all about. That’s why we value quality, punctuality, a solid knowledge base, and operational excellence in our interior refurbishment projects. With customers worldwide, we are always present in international business and handle projects across all borders.

Our customer values, first and foremost, the high-quality standards we place on ourselves and our offer. As a company with manufactories in Switzerland and Germany, we always want to offer our customers the highest quality and the best possible experience — just as customers may expect from us.

Our headquarters at St. Gallen Airport is the ideal starting point to achieve that. Located in the heart of Europe, it is easily accessible to our customers worldwide. This gives us the necessary proximity to our customers to provide the excellent service that AeroVisto stands for.

AeroVisto Interior Services – Approved excellence. 

Scope of Service

Design Concepts
2D Rendering
3D Visualizations

An individual business jet interior is a long-term investment. With 2D and 3D visualization from our design studio, customers can see in advance what the new interior will look like or how it fits with the existing aircraft cabin.

Supreme upholstery solutions for aircrafts.

As an expert in the field of interior refurbishment, we offer a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to the upholstery of an aircraft seats and other cabin parts. Our design collections, bring an exceptional approach to aviation interior design into the class of business jets.

High performance decor film application

With professional film applications, we offer an attractive alternative to classic veneering and painting of jet interior surfaces. This solution convinces with high durability in daily flight operations and the numerous design possibilities offered by these modern materials.

Leather repair and recolouration

Sometimes tight deadlines and budgets can limit the scope of an interior refurbishment. In such cases, leather recoloring is an exciting option. We can implement almost any customer request thanks to our many years of experience in this topic.

Veneering, Varnishing, Revarnishing

For us, re-veneering is more than exchanging wooden surfacers with new standard decor and patterns. We accompany our customers from the first design decision to accepting the excellent result.

Individual stitching

Currently, we offer you a set of 16 standard stitching patterns. But this is just a taste of the countless design options that our designers can create — for your very own aircraft cabin.

Placards & Markings

English and European bi-lingual interior placards and markings for all kind of aircraft types – ready for shipment within 1 working day.

Carpet replacement

Choose from unlimited carpet designs and materials. Almost any yarn thickness, surface texture, pile height, shape, pattern and color can be produced.  This gives you maximum freedom for your cabin design. We install the carpet worldwide directly on your aircraft.

Our Complete Service Portfolio

Please take a look at the full scope of our wide range of services.

Projects Performed

Take a look at an example of a performed interior refurbishment project. Convince yourself of the various possibilities for upgrading the interior of your aircraft and of the quality of our services.

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Based on values – ready for tomorrow.

In order to provide our customers with the highest quality in the long term, our focus is in particular on the selection and training of our employees. They are the heart and soul of our manufactory in Switzerland.

Thanks to our excellent experts, we are able to successfully implement numerous projects year after year. That is why it is enormously important for us to offer our employees an attractive workplace that not only promotes their commitment, but also demonstrates their high level of competence on a daily basis. And that, exactly where they live and have their homes – in Switzerland.

That is why we will continue to remain firmly attached to the location in Switzerland in the future. For us quality and satisfaction come first – both for our customers and for our employees.


Optimized processes + Investments in the future

In order to be competitive in international comparison and to be able to offer our customers attractive conditions, it is our daily incentive to continuously optimize our processes in order to be able to work even more efficiently.

For us, this also includes continuous investments in the St. Gallen site. In the long term, it is also our goal to make our manufactory a climate-neutral company. The geothermal heating system already in use is a first step in this direction. This is how we can contribute to the preservation of the environment without neglecting the needs of our customers and employees.