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Excellence in the heart of Europe.

Approved Excellence in Aviation Interior Services

Understanding the essence of general aviation, we prioritize quality, timeliness, expertise, and excellence in our interior refurbishment endeavors. Serving a global clientele, AeroVisto transcends borders to deliver outstanding refurbishment projects all over the globe.

Our commitment to exceptional quality standards resonates deeply with what our customers expect from a professional Service Provider in Aviation. Operating from our manufacturing bases in Switzerland and Germany, our aim is to consistently deliver top-notch quality and experiences — as expected by our clients.

Strategically located at St. Gallen Airport, at the very heart of Europe, our headquarters provide unmatched accessibility to our global customers. This prime location enables us to maintain close customer relationships and uphold the outstanding service AeroVisto is renowned for.

Scope of Service

2D and 3D Visualization.

We offer a bespoke service at our design studio using 2D and 3D visualization technologies. This allows our clients to preview their new interior design in detail and understand how it will integrate with their existing aircraft cabin.

Supreme Upholstery Solutions for Aircraft.

Our expertise can transform an airplane’s interior into a luxurious space, offering passengers the ultimate comfort they expect in a business jet. By partnering with us, clients ensure their aircraft not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of luxury and passenger satisfaction.

Decor Film Application

Our professional film applications present a compelling alternative to traditional veneering and painting of jet interior surfaces. They not only shorten the refurbishment period, reducing aircraft downtime, but also excel in durability for daily flight operations, alongside offering a wide array of design choices with modern materials.

Fast Lane Cabin Refresh

The Fast Lane Cabin Refresh for Small and Midsize Jets is meticulously tailored to cater to the European Market and is specifically designed to accommodate the short downtimes of these jets, ensuring minimal disruption to flight operations.

Smart Logistics Solutions

Our Smart Logistics Solutions are specifically designed to address the complexities of aircraft cabin refurbishment.
We’ve crafted a unique packaging concept that enables safe, separate transportation of all aircraft cabin components. 

Leather Repair & Recoloration

Leather recoloration presents a practical solution for revitalizing aged interiors. It ensures that leather seats continue to provide the high-quality ambiance and comfort that business jet passengers cherish without the logistical and financial challenges of a full replacement.

Veneering, Varnishing, Revarnishing

Wood Refurbishment at AeroVisto is not merely about replacing old wooden decors with new ones; it’s an intricate process that involves careful planning, significant investment, and a deep commitment to achieving client satisfaction.

Individual stitching

Embrace the elegance of stitching to make a statement that goes beyond conventional luxury. Whether you’re aiming for a look that’s understated or stands out, the right stitching pattern can significantly enhance the overall ambiance of your aircraft’s interior.

Design Collections

We decided to create our design collections, to bring this super professional approach to aviation interior design also into the class of business jets. By doing so, we want to provide aircraft owners with exceptional and highly professional support for their following refurbishment projects.

Aerovisto, Business Jet,
Carpet Collection

Top design high-quality carpets
— ready to take off. The design and quality of the carpet contribute significantly to the overall effect of the cabin of a private or business jet.

Placards & Markings

Our interior placards, available in picture-based spares and OEM & IPC standard sets, cater to a wide range of requirements, including English and European bilingual options, ready for dispatch within one working day.

Carpet replacement

Select from a vast array of carpet designs and materials, offering unparalleled customization in yarn thickness, texture, pile height, shape, pattern, and color for complete design freedom. Our global service includes direct installation on your aircraft.

Component Shop

Our Component Shop in Zurich operates to the highest standards of aviation. The requirements of the EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organization approval apply to all areas of the component workshop, the coffee machine repair, battery, and oxygen workshop.

Our Complete Service Portfolio

Explore the extensive array of services we offer, covering the full spectrum of your aircraft cabin refurbishment needs.

Projects Performed

Take a look at some examples of interior refurbishment projects we have performed. Convince yourself of the various possibilities for upgrading your aircraft’s interior and the quality of our services. Experience the exceptional quality of our services and imagine the potential transformations awaiting your aircraft cabin.

Aerovisto, Business Jet,
Aerovisto, Business Jet,
Aerovisto, Business Jet,

Driven by values – ready for tomorrow.

To ensure the highest quality for our customers over the long term, we particularly focus on selecting and training our employees, who are the heart and soul of our Swiss manufactory.

Our team of exceptional experts allows us to successfully complete numerous projects each year. It’s crucial for us to provide an attractive workplace that fosters their commitment and showcases their high level of competence daily, right where they live — in Switzerland and Germany. Quality and satisfaction are our top priorities for our customers and employees.


Optimized Processes & Future Investments

We are committed to daily process optimization for enhanced efficiency to stay competitive globally and provide our customers with attractive offerings.

This commitment extends to ongoing investments in our facilities. We aim for long-term sustainability and set our sights on becoming a carbon-neutral organization. Implementing geothermal heating was our initial stride towards this goal, allowing us to protect the environment while still catering to the needs of our customers and employees.