Aged interior in new splendor

Leather repair & recoloration

Leather seats are a must on a business jet. They provide a high-quality ambiance and guarantee the comfort that passengers desire for a private jet flight. Leather seats are also the element in the interior of a business jet that is used the most. As a result, the wear is intense, and the risk of damage, stains, cracks, and other signs of wear is high. That’s why renewing the leather upholstery is crucial in interior refurbishment projects.
But tight deadlines and budgets do not always allow the entire leather interior to be entirely and high-quality renewed. In such cases, leather recoloring is an exciting option. The leather is not replaced but optically refreshed by painting it in the chosen color. In some cases, seats do not even have to be broken down into parts. The advantage: Besides an attractive price-performance ratio, the recoloring can be done quickly. So tighter schedules and budgets are no longer a problem.

Years of experience meets efficient technique

Thanks to our many years of experience and high-performance technology, we can meet almost any of our customers‘ requests. Thanks to the combinations of our modern paint booths and classic saddlery solutions, we can also realize interiors with unusual color variations that give your business jet an exceptional note. We guarantee that the chosen colors and materials always comply with the safety requirements of aviation.
Leather Repairs

Expert advice from refurbishing experts

We also carry out leather repairs — when wished and technically possible. As a result, existing leather upholstery shines in a snap in new splendor and gives the aircraft interior back the high-quality appearance that passengers expect in a private jet. Minor leather repairs do not need significant investments or extended downtimes.
Leather repairs and recoloring are an exciting alternative to classic upholstery services — especially when time constraints and budgets are crucial in refurbishing projects. We advise our customers in detail on these topics and show them the possibilities and technical limits of this alternative.

AeroVisto Interior Services AG is a certified Part 145 EASA Maintenance Organization and a Part 21G EASA Production Organization and delivers the needed documentation with every service. This includes the Engineering Order, STC, Major Change, Minor Change Certification and EASA Form 1. We take care about the complete coordination of the certification including flammbility sampling and testing and interaction between our production engineering and the corresponding team of the approved EASA 21J Design Organisation.

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