Smart Logistics Solutions

for Seamless Aviation Refurbishment Projects

Smooth refurbishment projects in aviation hinge on adequate packaging and logistics. We’ve crafted intelligent logistics solutions tailored to these projects‘ complexity and specific needs.

Our approach primarily focuses on large aircraft models like the Bombardier Global XRS, Embraer Legacy 600, Gulfstream G700/800, and Dassault Falcon 7X/8X. MRO operations teams face significant challenges with such large aircraft.

Demounting and packing the cabins is time-intensive. Additionally, it’s crucial to devise a packaging method that ensures all parts arrive at the refurbishment site intact and undamaged.


Meet Challenges with
AeroVisto's Smart Logistics Solutions

Our Smart Logistics Solutions are specifically designed to address the complexities of aircraft cabin refurbishment.
We’ve crafted a unique packaging concept that enables safe, separate transportation of all aircraft cabin components. Our custom transport containers are meticulously tailored to accommodate various part types:

  • Long panels
  • Monuments
  • Seats and divans
  • Sideledges
  • Small parts

Constructed from sturdy, long-lasting materials, these containers adhere to the IPSN-15 standard and meet the highest international customs clearance specifications.

Designed for efficiency and protection, they offer:

  • Optimal access and easy handling
  • Fast loading and unloading
  • Variable adjustable levels in the boxes
  • Felt-covered surfaces to protect aircraft parts
  • Stackable design – saving space during transport on the truck as well as at the service locations

A Comprehensive Approach: Mobile Service Teams

Our Smart Logistics Solutions extend far beyond a meticulously planned packaging concept.

Recognizing the strain on MRO companies caused by having their highly skilled and valuable technicians and mechanics diverted to packaging tasks; we introduce a solution to alleviate this burden: Our Mobile Service Teams.

This innovative service entails deploying our specialized teams directly to the aircraft to manage packing on-site. These teams, composed of experienced and dedicated personnel, are adept at handling the nuances of packaging with precision. This not only allows MRO staff to focus on their core competencies but also leads to significant savings in terms of effort and cost.

Our service is receiving widespread acceptance among our clients. Demonstrating our dedication to delivering comprehensive and efficient logistics solutions suited for the aviation industry’s distinct requirements, our mobile service teams are actively engaged across Europe.

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