logistics solutions

for smooth refurbishment projects in aviation

Packaging and logistics are both key factors in the smooth and successful realization of refurbishment projects in aviation. That’s why we have developed smart logistics solutions that meet their complexity and specifics.

In our considerations, we have mainly taken into account large aircraft models such as Bombardier Global XRS, Embraer Legacy 600, Gulfstream G700/800, or as well as Dessault Falcon 7X/8X. With aircraft of this size, MRO operations teams are always faced with challenges.

On the one hand, it is very time-consuming to demount and pack the cabins of the aircraft. On the other hand, a way must be found to pack the parts in a way ensuring that they arrive at the refurbishment completely and undamaged.

Our smart logistics solutions
help to meet these challenges.

Thus, we have developed a packaging concept with which it is possible to transport all parts of an aircraft cabin separately from each other and safely. Our specially manufactured transport boxes are optimally adjusted to the different types of parts:

  • Long panels
  • Monuments
  • Seats and divans
  • Sideledges
  • Small parts

The transport boxes are made of robust and durable materials. They comply with the IPSN-15 guideline and thus the highest specifications for customs clearance in international transport.

They were designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Optimal access and easy handling
  • Fast loading and unloading
  • Variable adjustable levels in the boxes
  • Felt-covered surfaces to protect aircraft parts
  • Stackable design – saving space during transport on the truck as well as at the service locations

Much more than a well
thought-out packaging concept.

Our smart logistics solutions are more than just a well thought-out packaging concept.

We know how painful it is for MRO companies when well-qualified and therefore expensive technicians and mechanics — who already have enough to do otherwise — have to spend their time packing aircraft parts. We can also ease this „pain“: With our MOBILE SERVICE TEAMS.

That means we send the people who take care of the packing on site directly to the aircraft — experienced and responsible staff who know exactly what they have to do. In this way, we offer a unique service that ensures that all employees concentrate on what they do best – and MRO operations can save effort and thus costs.

Customers are already using our AV logistics solutions with interest. Currently a team of 4 people is on their way to Biggin Hill Airport in London. There they will prepare the parts of a Bombardier Global 5000 for transport to our manufactory in Switzerland.
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