Bright and modern Private Jet Interiors.

As you ascend, immerse yourself in an environment where light-colored interiors radiate comfort and pristine elegance. Opt for materials that present a flawlessly pleasant, untouched appearance—immaculate and unmarred by prior use, mirroring the sky and clouds beyond your window. Aviation interiors are expected to deliver an unparalleled flight experience that feels brand new — every single time you fly.

The aviation sector aims to enhance passenger experience while curbing operational costs — a challenge our Stahl Stay Clean® lifetime+ concept addresses. Applicable to leather and synthetics, it ensures aesthetic excellence, a tactile delight, and a refined ambiance while extending product life with a protective layer that wards off stains. Our innovations elevate surface trim aesthetics and streamline cabin maintenance.

Discover the exceptional benefits firsthand. Immerse yourself in an enhanced flight experience with interiors that pair uncompromising luxury with superior longevity. Stahl Stay Clean® invites you to experience the future of aviation interiors—where every detail is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

bright interior in an Bombardier Global 5000 — take a look

Mercedes-Benz Supply Specification DBL 5310 Test protocol EMPA 128 / 12 kPa / 128 cycles, according to VDA 230-212

Makes every Flight feel like the first Flight.

Experience the thrill of every flight as if it’s your first flight. Our Stahl surface technology, designed for effortless cleaning and superior soil resistance, meets the highest mobility industry standards. Discover the vast contrast between surfaces treated with our cutting-edge Stahl Stay Clean® lifetime+ technology and untreated materials, rigorously tested following the VDA 230-212 standard by the German Association of the Automotive Industry. The remarkable GS values highlight the unparalleled advantages of integrating Stahl Stay Clean® technology into your next interior upgrade.

Enhancing Value for Fleet Operators and Aircraft Owners.

Leverage the power of Stahl Stay Clean® lifetime+ for both leather seat covers and synthetic soft-good materials. This technology guarantees a consistently fresh experience on every flight. Two components ensure this:

  • For Refurbishment: Stahl Stay Clean® technology is integrated into your interior trim products, offering unparalleled protection against dirt and stains with leading-edge technology.

  • For Maintenance: Complement this with AeroCare products formulated with Stahl Stay Clean® technology. These are crafted to clean, protect, and rejuvenate your interior trims, preserving their protective coating.

This dual-product approach guarantees unmatched quality retention, benefiting both fleet operators and passengers by ensuring the materials maintain their premium look and feel. It simplifies maintenance and extends longevity, ensuring every flight offers a pristine, like-new experience.

AeroVisto Cabin Upholstery, enhanced with Stahl Stay Clean® lifetime+, maintains its cleanliness over an extended duration.

AeroVisto Interior Services AG is a certified Part 145 EASA Maintenance Organization and a Part 21G EASA Production Organization and delivers the needed documentation with every service. This includes the Engineering Order, STC, Major Change, Minor Change Certification, and EASA Form 1. We take care of the complete coordination of the certification, including flammability sampling and testing and interaction between our production engineering and the corresponding team of the approved EASA 21J Design Organization.

Aerovisto, Business Jet,
Aerovisto, Business Jet,

Lasting Performance in Aviation Interiors

Navigating the aviation sector’s intricate balance between enhancing passenger experience and heightening maintenance efficiency presents distinct challenges for interior supply chains. In response, we introduced the Stahl Stay Clean® lifetime+ concept, a comprehensive solution for leather and synthetic materials. This concept ensures superior aesthetics, an impeccable touch, and a luxurious ambiance, all while extending product lifespan through advanced surface protection and stain prevention. By significantly elevating interior standards and simplifying cabin upkeep, Stahl Stay Clean® embodies the ideal synergy of elegance and operational efficiency in a field where every efficiency gain is valuable.

AeroCare Kit — for optimal Results:

To achieve optimal results in maintaining your aviation interior, adhere to these guidelines when utilizing the AeroCare Kit, which includes:

  • Stahl Stay Clean® Cleaner (50ml): Specifically designed to cleanse and prepare the surface gently.

  • Stahl Stay Clean® Protector (50ml): An emulsion to reinforce and maintain the surface’s protective barrier.
    Sponge and Cloth: Tools provided for practical application of the products.

  • Leather Samples: Samples treated with Stahl Stay Clean® to demonstrate the effectiveness of the products.

Regular maintenance with these Stahl Stay Clean® items rejuvenates the protective layer of your aviation interior’s surfaces. This ensures the enduring luxury and pristine condition of both leather and synthetic materials, offering a lifetime of exquisite appearance and enjoyment.

Step 1. Clean

Cleaner & Cloth

Shake the cleaner before use. Apply the Stahl Stay Clean® cleaner on the cloth. Move over the aviation interior (both leather and synthetic surfaces) with the cloth in a circular movement until the liquid is completely absorbed.
Step 2. Seal
Protector & Sponge
Shake the Stahl Stay Clean® protector before use. Apply the protector (2x) on a clean interior material surface with the sponge in a circular movement for an optimal result. Retained design quality Superior maintainability Enhanced longevity
Step 3. Experience
Enjoy the Feeling
After finishing step 1 and 2, you can fully enjoy the aviation interior materials and their pale color and luxurious appearance. Regular treatment and aftercare will make the interior last a lifetime.

See it to believe it

Are you curious about the effect of Stahl Stay Clean®? In the AeroCare box, you’ll find several leather samples that demonstrate the dirt-repellent properties of our solutions. Free of stains, pale-colored materials can retain their luxurious appearance for years. Maintaining aviation interiors‘ perfect look and feel has never been easy. Choose Stahl Stay Clean® for aviation interiors and experience that pristine first-time feeling on every flight.

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