film application on Bombardier Global 5000 – take a look

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An innovative and proven Solution for Aircraft Interiors.

As an EASA-approved aviation interior specialist, we are pioneers in offering customer-centric interior refurbishment solutions. For more than five years now, AeroVisto has been offering Decor Film Application as an innovative new choice and alternative to traditional refurbishment options. With its compelling benefits, Decor Film Application is highly successful with aircraft operators, cost-conscious aircraft owners, and aircraft in transition. AeroVisto‘s unrivaled expertise in this technique allows us to offer our clients a 5-year warranty

Benefits at a glance

less weight

less downtime

easy on budget

high quality and durable

unlimited design freedom

easy to clean, maintain & repair

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We provide customers the opportunity to request samples, enabling them to evaluate our product quality. Explore a broad range of patterns and colors to experience the durability and texture of our Decor Film Applications firsthand. Click the button below to get your samples.

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High quality look
and feel on attractive terms.

The atmosphere of a business jet is significantly influenced by its interior. From elegant wood finishes to modern carbon designs, the interior mirrors the high expectations of both owners and passengers for a private aircraft. However, even premium materials show wear over time, and business jet interiors can lose their initial luster, particularly in aircraft frequently used by charter companies. When it’s time for an interior refurbishment, a key question arises: how to address the numerous interior surfaces—cabinets, doors, panels, covers, and even pull-out and conference tables. With unlimited time and budget, existing surfaces can be intricately varnished, polished, or entirely re-veneered. Yet, this isn’t always feasible, not just due to high costs but also the extensive time required for such refurbishments. Decor Film Application emerges as the ideal solution in these scenarios, offering a swift, cost-effective, and high-quality alternative to traditional refurbishment methods.

film application on the Embraer Legacy 600 – take a look

film application on Embraer Legacy 600 – take a look

High Durability and Extensive Design Options.

Our professional film applications present a compelling alternative to traditional veneering and painting of jet interior surfaces. They not only shorten the refurbishment period, reducing aircraft downtime, but also excel in durability for daily flight operations, alongside offering a wide array of design choices with modern materials. However, opting for film applications necessitates choosing an experienced professional to ensure the premium results that aircraft owners and passengers rightfully anticipate from a business jet interior.

Cost-Effective Solution to Veneering and Painting

Decor Film Applications provide a visually appealing and valuable upgrade for old or worn surfaces. Unlike the more time-consuming processes of re-veneering or repainting, film application can cut the interior refurbishment duration of an aircraft by at least 50%, while also being considerably more affordable. This makes film applications especially appealing for projects where time and budget are key considerations. Beyond the attractive pricing, film applications offer superior maintainability compared to all other alternatives.

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In recent years, AeroVisto has invested much expertise and energy in developing new and innovative solutions. We have summarized the most important facts about our solutions and alternatives, as well as helpful comparative values to classic refurbishment solutions for you in handy factsheets. Please get in touch with our sales team; we will be happy to provide it to you.

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AeroVisto Interior Services AG is a certified Part 145 EASA Maintenance Organization and a Part 21G EASA Production Organization and delivers the needed documentation with every service. This includes the Engineering Order, STC, Major Change, Minor Change Certification, and EASA Form 1. We take care of the complete coordination of the certification, including flammability sampling and testing and interaction between our production engineering and the corresponding team of the approved EASA 21J Design Organization.

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