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Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to get an order. This was also the case with this refurbishment project for a Legacy 600. But already after the first talks with the owner of the aircraft, our Managing Director Carsten Matthiesen saw the great potential for an impressive result and knew that he simply had to succeed in winning this client. No sooner said than done!

The owner of this Legacy 600 – which is in full charter operation with Air Hamburg – is a full-blooded businessman and tough negotiator. He sees his aircraft first and foremost as an investment – but it was still particularly important to him that the interior of his aircraft be given a very personal touch and recognition value.

So the challenge in this project was to meet the high expectations of a design– and detail-loving, but price-conscious aircraft owner. We were happy to accept this challenge.

How did we convince this client to choose AeroVisto? With a suitable mix of design, individuality, professional competence and the high quality of our craftsmanship. Since he had already flown with business jets of Air Hamburg and other charter airlines, that had been refurbished and rejuvenated by AeroVisto, our client knew in advance what he could expect from us. From the very beginning, he had concrete ideas about how „his“ Interior should look.

high expectations of design


This time, the project handling of the interior refurbishment took place directly with the owner’s project management team and was communication-intensive, but smooth. After numerous renderings and visualizations, which the customer received in advance according to his specifications, the final design and matching materials, were contractually fixed during a final visit to our showroom in Staad.

What were the special highlights of the project from our point of view?

There is the handmade carpet, which immediately catches the eye when you enter the cabin. It was designed and produced exactly according to the customer’s wishes. Attention was paid in detail to ensure that the carpet harmonized with the overall interior.

The colors were matched to the tone of the cabin’s side panels and the yarn was produced in the exact color of the leather upholstery.

To lay the carpet – and install the other interior elements – our team spent 2 weeks on site at the aircraft’s location in Riga, Latvia, where it was simultaneously undergoing its 12-year check at JF Service.

One of the wishes of the owner of this Legacy 600 was that the entire interior should be inviting from the first glance. A feel-good environment should be created, but it should still look modern.

matching colurs


This modern touch was achieved by using a dark film application with a wooden look. On the one hand, it provides a nice contrast to the bright leather – and at the same time, it covers the old wood decor of the elements that had always bothered the owner since he bought his plane.

As the customer was already familiar with our film applications from other aircraft, and was enthusiastic about the numerous options and advantages they offer, the decision for this form of surface finishing was obviously easy for him.

modern touch

This owner also had special ideas for the light-colored passenger seats, which were of course finished in leather with Stahl Stay Clean technology. In addition to the eye-catching double-seam diamond stitching, he wanted a detail that only the attentive observer would notice: leather with a grain in stingray leather look. We appreciate such detail-loving customers and were happy to realize this wish as well.

A real challenge was the mirrow instalation on the rear wall of the passenger cabin, where not only the plain areas but also the curves had to be taken into account. The convincing result was worth all the effort.

We are pleased to present this client case to you. It shows how much dynamics and potential there is in a refurbishment project, when an aircraft owner approaches us with a specific idea and at the same time is willing to be advised by us about the numerous options and possibilities. In this way, individual aircraft interiors are created that both excite the customer and fit the budget at the same time.


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