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Bombardier Global 6000

revamped elegance aloft
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More than just the necessary maintenance.

The Bombardier Global 6000, known for its range and luxury, holds a special place in the owner’s heart. More than just an aircraft for travel, the Global series represents a precious experience for the owner and their guests, one that deserves to look and feel contemporary and comfortable — even after many years in service.

As this Global 6000 has been in service for many years, the owner of this aircraft wanted to treat it to more than just the necessary standard maintenance. Using the aircraft’s downtime for a 10-year inspection at ACM in Baden-Baden, he opted for a very extensive upgrade of the aircraft cabin — to reflect his personal taste and ensure that the aircraft would continue to be a pleasure to fly for years to come. What was to be retained: the classic elegance of a Global interior.

Ensuring a cohesive design language.

Material selection and interior design were executed according to the owner’s vision and carefully orchestrated down to the last detail. Corian became the material of choice for countertops and flooring, marrying durability with elegance and ensuring a cohesive design language throughout the cabin.

Challenges were met with innovative solutions, particularly in updating the woodwork. Armed with vast expertise, our team undertook the delicate bleaching of wood, ensuring the final hue aligned with the owner’s preference for a lighter tone — despite the complexities involved. This intricate process brought a renewed vibrancy to the cabin’s atmosphere. The matt finish also requires excellent technical understanding and skill, and our skilled operatives successfully applied it to achieve the desired standard.


From a mere idea to functional space.

Navigating the intricacies of an interior upgrade goes beyond mere aesthetic enhancement; it delves into the realm of precise adaptation, particularly when integrating materials not initially found in the original manufacturer’s concept. Our dedicated work process transforms the cabin from a mere idea on paper into a tangible, functional space. Our seasoned team anticipates and skillfully addresses a multitude of adjustments, ensuring seamless integration. However, some challenges, such as adapting the door mechanisms to the new stone flooring, only become apparent during the physical implementation.

Ensuring a seamless refurbishment process.

At the end of the refurbishment process, the owner expressed great satisfaction with the work, particularly due to the extensive support provided by AeroVisto. This included on-site work in Baden-Baden, ensuring the jet’s transformation was completed to the highest standards. AeroVisto’s logistics services also played a vital role, ensuring the seamless delivery and installation of the upgraded components.

With the completion of this Bombardier Global 6000 cabin upgrade project, the aircraft not only met the technical standards for takeoff again but also satisfied the owner’s personal aspirations for style and comfort. That is Revamped Elegance Aloft!


From Vision to Reality.


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