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Bombardier Challenger 850

The significance of a consistent interior design
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AirX Charter

The significance of a consistent interior design

It’s no surprise that AirX Charter includes the Bombardier Challenger 850 in its private jet fleet. The aircraft’s impressive range, spacious cabin, and luxurious amenities make it a top choice for elite charter services and discerning corporations. With its robust performance, generous baggage capacity, and versatile cabin configurations, the Challenger 850 is designed to cater to the needs of both business and leisure travelers, ensuring a seamless and luxurious flight experience every time. Moreover, its technologically advanced cockpit, efficient fuel consumption, and exceptional value make it an ideal option for those seeking a luxurious and reliable private jet experience.

But AirX’s attention spans beyond selecting the ideal aircraft models for our fleet. The management has long acknowledged the pivotal significance of a consistent corporate interior design within the realm of general aviation. Consequently, four years ago, AirX collaborated with AeroVisto to devise a distinctive design line.

Upgrades poised to redefine the in-flight experience

In our quest to actualize this vision, we launched a „design selection trip“ alongside the charter company owners. Together, we ventured to renowned leather and fabric manufacturers, including TISCA, to meticulously select materials and collect impressions. Following this, at our showroom in Staad, we melded all the insights and inspirations to craft a design line that harmonizes with the customer’s individual preferences, displaying a timeless, British elegance.

The design line created for AirX serves as the foundation for comprehensive cabin upgrades across all Challenger 850 aircraft in the fleet. The scope ranges from the cockpit and wooden surfaces to passenger seats and a complete modernization of window shades throughout the aircraft. The upgrades are poised to redefine the in-flight experience, emphasizing luxury and comfort. And this machine was already the second to receive this particular „treatment“.


Beyond the expectations of interior craftsmanship

AeroVisto is always diligent to deliver beyond the expectations of interior craftsmanship, offering a specialized service pivotal in this endeavor: our Logistics Solutions. Showing our commitment to excellence, we managed the professional packaging of all components directly on-site in the UK, aligning with our customer’s highest satisfaction.

Our proven process, refined through numerous refurbishment projects, was the foundation for the smooth transportation of the Challenger 850’s interior. Carefully distributed across two 40-ton trucks, all cabin elements traversed the Eurotunnel, arriving safely and securely at our facilities before making their seamless return to AirX. This intricate logistics orchestration exemplifies AeroVisto’s dedication to precision in every aspect of our comprehensive service offerings.

New foams, new shape, new design

Foam replacement was another essential aspect of our service portfolio in this upgrade project. As a certified Upholstery Completion Center by Collins Aerospace, we meticulously replaced all the foam in the passenger seats and divan of this aircraft in accordance with the specified standards. This professional replacement ensures that passengers will relish the same seating comfort level as a newly delivered aircraft. Additionally, we seized the opportunity to tailor the shape and design of the new foams to complement the modernized cabin design, reinstating the cabin to a state-of-the-art look and feel.

The consistent interior upgrade at AirX even includes the cockpit.
Pilots can look forward to the tactile comfort of new sheepskin upholstery in elegant gray. Furthermore, the comprehensive refreshment of their working environment encloses the lower cockpit panels, glear shield, and cockpit headliner, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality and elegance throughout the aircraft’s interior.


An elegant, timeless, modern design

Passengers aboard the Challenger 850 are welcomed into an exquisitely bright, elegant cabin boasting a timeless, modern design. The meticulously re-upholstered passenger seats, adorned with light gray leather featuring Stay Clean technology and dynamic stitching, epitomize luxury and comfort.

The sidewalls and headliners, cloaked in bright leather and ultra-leather, create a striking contrast with the cabin’s surfaces, which have been finished with a film application with dark gray wood decor. In the Gelly and the Lavatories, on the other hand, the dark wood decor goes wonderfully with the new „White Pepper“-Straton countertops, which have been renewed alongside the backsplashes typical of an 850.

Every detail has been carefully considered, including the modified window shades that seamlessly complement the cabin’s aesthetic. Our dedicated paint specialists ensured that every element, from the personal service units to the loudspeaker covers, harmoniously matched the new design down to nuances of color, culminating in a cohesive and visually captivating interior.

Values in new Splendor


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