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Embraer Phenom 300

A balance between practicality and elegance.
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Technical updates
meet aesthetic revival

Introduced to the market in 2009, the Embraer Phenom 300 quickly became a stalwart in light business jets, with some aircraft now fast approaching a venerable 15 years of service. This milestone beckons not only mandatory major maintenance checks but also presents a prime opportunity for upgrades, particularly to the aircraft’s cabin. This prospect can notably elevate the onboard experience.

The owner of this Phenom 300 embraced this eventuality as the ideal moment to rethink and revitalize the aircraft’s interior. Viewing the heavy maintenance period less as an obligation and more as a chance for enhancement, this foresighted individual recognized the potential to merge necessary technical updates with an aesthetic revival, thus ensuring the jet’s continued competitiveness and comfort in a market that values innovation and luxury in equal measure.

Making the most
of downtime

For this scheduled overhaul, the aircraft was sent to Elite Jet Service, a trusted partner that AeroVisto often works with. Since the plane had to be grounded for a while to get all the needed maintenance work done, the owner saw it as the perfect chance to give the cabin interior a makeover. The inside of the plane had seen much use over the years and was ready for an update. So the owner decided to make the most of this downtime by sprucing up the interior, ensuring that when it took to the skies again.

For the refurbishment, the materials were chosen in our showroom in Staad. This location provided a convenient advantage for the owner, who could land directly at the nearby St. Gallen Airport, right on our doorstep. With our vast range of options on display, she could touch, see, and experience the quality and style of the materials, ensuring the new interior would meet her exact standards for comfort and elegance.

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Elegance and practicality

Selecting the perfect samples is always a highlight in the refurbishment process. It’s a chance to not only give the interior a modern update but also to infuse it with a personal touch that reflects the owner’s unique character. And working with someone who has a keen eye for design, like in this case, makes the meeting all the more enjoyable. This collaboration ensures that the new design isn’t just contemporary but intimately tailored to the owner’s taste.

The dual use of this Phenom 300 — for private ownership and charter operation — demanded a design embodying elegance, individuality, and practicality in equal measure. The refurbished interior hits the mark beautifully thanks to the use of Stay-Clean Leather and durable Decor Film Application. It sports a modern and airy vibe while being robust enough to withstand the demands of frequent use. A particular highlight is the striking blue carpet, chosen by the owner to add a unique accent to the cabin. This creative addition captures attention and elevates the entire feel of the interior.

A second life lease

With this upgrade, this Phenom 300 has been thoroughly modernized, effectively giving a second lease on life. It’s ready to serve its owner and passengers for many more years. This renewal extends the aircraft’s operational life and enhances its appeal and functionality, promising a consistently pleasing travel experience. The commitment to such a significant refurbishment reflects a prudent investment in lasting value, securing the Phenom 300’s place in the skies for the future.

This refurbishment project went smoothly thanks to the great support and teamwork from Elite Jet Service and the personal dedication of Henri Schönbach and Moritz Kuhlberg. The plane was delivered on time, right before the end of the year, back to the satisfied owners and is now flying again.

This marks the second Phenom 300 that has left AeroVisto shining like new, with another one already in the pipeline. Considering there are 750 of these types of aircraft registered globally, we’re eager to take on more refurbishment projects like this. We aim to maintain and enhance the value of these powerful jets well into the future.

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Scope of work

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