AeroVisto Bespoke Collections:

Himalaya Series

by Carlex Design Studio

Extraordinary Visions for Private and Business Jets

Carlex Design is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship in creating luxury car interiors. It aims to become the leader in this niche worldwide. The company is distinguished by its use of sophisticated and luxurious materials, ensuring that each creation showcases timeless design and bears collector’s value. With the Himalaya Series, Carlex Design Studio has made its first step into interior design for private and business jets, aiming to bring their extraordinary visions and sophisticated craftsmanship to the aviation industry, too.

The Himalaya Series, crafted initially for SUVs, epitomizes this exquisite craftsmanship using the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail. Extending this expertise to the aviation sector is a natural progression. The same principles of luxury, comfort, and exclusivity that appeal to high-end car owners are equally, if not more, valued by private jet owners and business aviation clients.

The demand for customized, luxurious interiors in private and business jets is rising. Individuals and corporations increasingly seek personalized travel experiences that reflect their status and taste. By adapting the Himalaya Series for aviation, Carlex Design Studio is tapping into this expanding market, offering a bespoke luxury that few competitors can match.

The universal appeal of the Himalaya Series lies in its bespoke design and superior materials. In close cooperation with the AeroVisto Group, all these elements are ensured to be adaptable to the unique spatial and functional requirements of aircraft interiors. Whether it’s the luxurious, diamond-infused leather, exotic woods, precious metals, or even meteorites—all extraordinary hand-picked materials and intricate details contribute to the essence of the Himalaya Series and translate seamlessly to all types of VIP Aircraft.

Integrating hand engraving and unique paint techniques further enhances the exclusivity and artistic value of the interiors — ensuring that each piece is a work of art, reflecting dedication to excellence and innovation.

The Perfect Match

The collaboration between Carlex Design Studio and AeroVisto Group is a perfect match that redefines luxury in aviation interiors. By combining Carlex Design’s extraordinary craftsmanship and innovative use of materials with AeroVisto’s comprehensive aviation services and expertise, this partnership offers customers an unparalleled blend of superior quality, customization, and efficiency. For those seeking to transform their aircraft into unique, luxurious spaces with the highest design and functionality standards, the Himalaya Series for General Aviation sets a new benchmark in aviation interiors.

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