AeroVisto Flying Art:

Abstract Series

by Anke Achenbach

Inspired by the vibrant works of well-known artists

In recent years, aircraft interiors in VIP aviation have been dominated by neutral grays and beiges, chosen for their universal appeal and ability to create a calm, professional and modern atmosphere. While these tones ensure that interiors are inoffensive, they often result in monotonous spaces devoid of personality.

Anke Achenbach’s Abstract Series aims to break away from these conventional norms and breathe colorful life into aircraft interiors. Inspired by the vibrancy of the works of famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Pablo Picasso, Franz Marc, and Paul Klee, this innovative new design series transforms cabins into environments of dynamic color, geometric shapes, and expressive design elements.

Paolo Sample 1
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Abstract — The Inspiration behind the Series

As an experienced interior designer of VIP aircraft, Anke Achenbach knows that designing an aircraft cabin involves much more than just aesthetics. But does that mean everything has to be gray and beige?

Drawing from her love of colors, shapes, and light and inspired by expressionist painters, she created the “Abstract” series. These artistic accents on headliners, monuments, accessories, or the floor add a unique and personal touch to aircraft cabins. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and art in your aircraft interior.

Creating spaces to evoke emotions

The Abstract Series goes beyond a mere visual update; it’s about creating spaces that evoke emotions, tell stories, and provide every passenger a unique, memorable experience. By integrating bold colors, striking patterns, and artistic inspiration, Anke Achenbach redefines what aircraft interiors can be, offering a fresh perspective.

The designs presented in this Series serve as visionary blueprints rather than rigid templates, illustrating the immense potential for creativity and individual expression within the confines of an aircraft cabin. This approach encourages clients to envision how the series‘ dynamic interplay of colors and shapes can be adapted to suit their own aircraft’s unique character and ambiance. So, the genius of the Abstract Series lies in its adaptability.

A broad canvas for artistic expression

Anke Achenbach’s conceptual designs demonstrate how artistic elements can be seamlessly integrated into various aspects of the cabin, from the window liners to partition walls, the galley, accessories, and even the carpet. This broad canvas for artistic expression allows each client to decide the intensity and scope of these design elements within their space. Whether aiming for a subtle enhancement of the cabin’s aesthetic appeal or a bold transformation into a flying gallery of modern art, the Abstract Series provides the tools and inspiration to achieve these wishes and visions.

Design as diverse as the clients themselves

The Abstract Series‘ versatility ensures that each implementation will be as unique as the clients themselves. By offering a spectrum of possibilities, from gentle accents to striking statements, Anke Achenbach empowers customers to dictate the degree of artistic flair in their aircraft’s interior. This flexibility caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences and underscores the series‘ core philosophy: The beauty of colorful art can be a profoundly personal and customizable experience — even at 30,000 feet.


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