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Falcon 2000

— how to emphasize natural elegance
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Aerovisto, Business Jet,

Anyone who has had the pleasure of flying in a Dassault Aviation jet knows what elegance from France looks like. The shapes and proportions of the cabin interior are simply outstanding.
Although the Falcon already impresses with the aesthetics of its cabin, it is still possible to give the interior a very personal and individual touch. That also applies to this Falcon 2000, which has received an interior upgrade at AeroVisto.

We had to use our full range of skills for this extensive refurbishment. We are pleased that we could use our expertise with this type of aircraft for the benefit and satisfaction of another Dassault customer.

de la France"

The owner of the aircraft has been flying it for a long time. He values it very much and has decided that after 20 years of operational use, it is time to modernize and upgrade the interior. So this Falcon gets a second life. Thus it will also ensure many pleasant flying hours for many satisfied passengers in the coming ten years and more.

Usually, an owner decides to refurbish the interior while an aircraft is on the ground for maintenance anyway – but not in this case. For the owner, it was crucial to have a cabin interior that met his wishes and expectations – in which he and his guests could feel absolutely comfortable. And yes, on occasion, the downtime was used effectively for upcoming maintenance work.

A second life for a valued aircraft.

Aerovisto, Business Jet,
Aerovisto, Business Jet,

When implementing the new design, we were pleased to take a few special aspects into account. For example, the owner’s explicit wish was to keep the existing and rare Karelian Burl veneer intact. This was a challenge because the wood color also had to match the chosen dark leather on the armrest and other elements in the cabin. Thanks to the special tinting process and numerous tests, we succeeded in preserving these existing values and, on the other hand, creating a symbiosis with the modern new look and feel of the cabin.

existing values

The passenger seats have been given a new customized design. In their elegant simplicity, they wonderfully emphasize the natural elegance of the Falcon 2000. Thanks to the used stay clean leather technology, the surfaces of the seats will remain beautiful for a long time — a striking new carpet rounds off the appearance of the aircraft cabin.

Emphasizing the natural elegance

Aerovisto, Business Jet,
Aerovisto, Business Jet,
Aerovisto, Business Jet,

The owner’s decision to have his Falcon 2000 refurbished by AeroVisto was made easy by the fact that he had already flown ASL Group aircraft that we had previously upgraded. He wanted a similarly modern and individually styled cabin for his jet. What followed was an intensive design and consultation process, during which we ensured that all the owner’s wishes and ideas were taken into account.

Initially, the owner needed a clear idea of how the new interior should appear. And in cases like this, the AeroVisto Mobile Showroom is just a perfect solution — so Carsten Matthiesen and Julian Heinz made their way to our long-time partner Rijnmond Air Services, based in Rotterdam.

A perfect solution

With our Showroom parked in the hangar, directly in front of the aircraft, the owner could lean back comfortably in his Falcon while our consultant presented the numerous design options.

After a few hours, the sampling was done. In the next step, we provided our customer with the necessary renderings for the release of the design.

For the final coordination, the customer visited us in Staad. Thereby his jet could land directly in sight of our manufactory at the airport St. Gallen / Althenrein.

Comfy design consulting

Aerovisto, Business Jet,
Aerovisto, Business Jet,

Scope of work


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