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Professional Design Collections for Jet Interiors — That’s why!

Regarding interior design in aviation, the high-end cabins of giant corporate and private VVIP Aircraft set the industry standards. In such wide and narrow body aircraft, no effort and expense are spared to achieve the perfect result. With great effort and according to all rules of the art, professional designers ensure, on the one hand, that the interior optimally reflects the wishes and ideas of the owner and, on the other hand, that the limits of what is possible are pushed again and again – by the intelligent and artistic use of the latest techniques and innovative materials.

But have you ever wondered why design solutions in this particular form do not exist in the business jet aviation class?

We decided to create our design collections, to bring this super professional approach to aviation interior design also into the class of business jets. By doing so, we want to provide aircraft owners with exceptional and highly professional support for their following refurbishment projects.


Design Collections —
The Look and Feel of VVIP aircraft in Business Jets.

Owners, charters, and brokers of pre-owned aircraft now have access to high-end design solutions and can bring the high-end touch of VVIP cabins to their jets. This allows them to take advantage of opportunities that usually exceed the typical budget for refurbishment projects in the business jet aviation class.

With this outstanding service, we combine the expertise of a highly experienced aviation interior designer with the skills of experts with many years of experience in facelifting business jets. This combination results in unique benefits for aviation customers.

Powerfully supported by
interior designer Warja Borges

We are pleased about the powerful support of Warja Borges and her company, Unique Aircraft.

Warja is a worldwide known and highly valued expert in the field of aviation interior design. She has taken us into her extraordinary interior design world in the past months and designed three exclusive collections for AeroVisto.

These collections are integral to our jet refurbishment projects, and they play an essential role in the design consulting process.

Collection Tabac Lounge

The Tabac Lounge collection is all about warmth and coziness. Close-to-nature colors, light-dark contrasts, and soft fabrics are the basis for the classic elegance of airplane cabins. Inspired by the atmosphere of London private clubs and bars, this collection combines warm tobacco, cognac, and whiskey tones with dark blues reminiscent of oceans. This collection best suits an inviting lounge atmosphere on your private jet.

Collection Nordic Lights

For the Nordic Lights collection, designer Warja Borges took inspiration from the wide open spaces of the Arctic — from the colors of the icy landscapes, birch forests, and the clear air. She combines this with the look of modern concrete buildings and stainless-steel facades, as known by architects like Tadao Ando and Frank Gehry. The unique charm of this collection is the contrast between hard-looking metal accents and the delicate, light beige-blue-gray tones and light wood. It allows the design of a clear and spacious cabin with a touch of coolness.

Collection Artwork

The Artwork collection offers lively freshness, color contrasts, and patterns that stand for energy and fire. From bright off-white tones to deep chocolate brown – this gives private jet owners plenty of scope and design freedom to let their creativity and imagination flow. Inspired by a work of art by artist Monika Humm, this collection plays mainly with contrasts and colors.

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