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carpets for your very own unique aircraft cabin

Top design high-quality carpets
— ready to take off.

The design and quality of the carpet contribute significantly to the overall effect of the cabin of a private or business jet.

Therefore, our CEO Hermann Bauer has long pursued combining these two aspects, design and quality, into a unique and convincing product for business and private aviation.

Thanks to a lively exchange with the Swiss artist Urs Eberle and in cooperation with Matthias Tischhauser, Managing Director of the carpet specialist TISCA, we have realized this idea. Now, the first FLYING ART CARPET COLLECTION series is ready to take off.

Explorations in space and time — Urs Eberle's inspiration behind the collection

The artistic idea is based on explorations in space and time. If one wants to get to know a city, he must take it under his feet, follow its veins, nerve cords, and currents, surrender to the rhythm of its pulse, and let himself drift.

With great intensity, the artist Urs Eberle ( has undertaken just this during his visits to world-famous cities.

Every day he took a route and recorded his wanderings. However, he did not limit himself to marking his paths on a map but isolated the traces he had traced in the computer on a digital city map so that they form networks of lines detached from them.

His „maps“ now meet us in the Flying Art Carpet Collection as abstract forms and line meshes. They trace the invisible traces of people in space in abstracted line formations. For this reason, the carpet artworks each bear the name of a city.

Rugs & Cities — The Collection

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01. Singapore

02. Mumbai

03. Shanghai

04. Berlin

05. Munich

06. Hamburg

07. Nairobi

08. Dubai

09. San Francisco

11. Davos

12. Geneva

13. Los Angeles

14. Rome

15. Paris

16. New York

17. Hong Kong

18. Bangkok

19. Male

21. Havana

22. Palermo

23. Nice

24. Valencia

25. Tokyo

26. Delhi

27. Manila

28. London

29. Casablanca

31. Istanbul

32. Athens

33. Madrid

35. Chicago

36. Vancouver

37. Copenhagen

38. Oslo

39. Zurich

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