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What is so special about a Cessna Citation Mustang? First of all, that these machines are simply loved by their owners. And as a rule, the pilot is also the most important passenger in the jet! How does this become evident when it comes to redesigning the cabin? TAKE A LOOK!


With the Citation Mustang, Cessna has brought an absolutely beloved model onto the market that has numerous fans.

But what Mustang owners often note is that the quality of the aircraft’s interior makes it quite obvious that it is the aircraft manufacturer’s entry-level model. Why? For example, plastic is the predominant material in the cabin. This does not serve the look and feel of the interior. And upgrades and customization options are offered to buyers only to a very limited extent.

At the same time, many Mustang owners want something special. They want the interior of their favorite piece to be more comfortable and simply look more sophisticated and individual. Basically, they want the same personal experience for their aircraft that they are used to in the rooms they live in and the cars they drive.

This was also the case for the owner couple of a Mustang, which our CEO Carsten Matthiesen was able to meet and consult at the Mustang Club Meeting 2021 in Dresden. They also wanted something special for their beloved Mustang.

Since Carsten had taken our Mobile Showroom to this event, the customer could be given detailed advice on the numerous options for refurbishment immediately on the spot. After 1.5 hours, the design direction was clear and the material selection was completed. We quickly got to work on the visualization of the new interior and based on this rendering, the new design was finally decided.

The refurbishment was to be done at the same time as the extensive technical modernization of the Mustang. Among other things, new avionics including new radar and new USB outlets were installed. This upgrade was performed by Cessna Düsseldorf under the direction of Kay Kraatz and Stephan Bednarz – who also took care of the engineering and the disassembly and reassembly of the cabin.

With a great handover event in Düsseldorf, the aircraft has meanwhile been returned to the owners – and they are simply delighted with their „new“ Mustang. What was done in the interior? Simply the complete interior was reworked and refined! All plastic parts in the cabin, where it was permissible, were covered with leather. The passenger seats were reupholstered in light leather with diamond stitching. Leather with Stay Clean technology was also used in this project, of course.
What is a particular nuisance for many Mustang owners are the surfaces of the furniture. These are painted originally and are therefore very prone to scratches. All these surfaces have now been covered with chic, but very robust and maintenance-friendly Decor Film Application. Scratches are therefore no longer an issue.

One of the most important things about a Mustang is the cockpit – because the most important passenger on board is usually also the pilot. So we thought of a big upgrade for the cockpit, so that a bit of luxury can be felt there as well. Here, too, many plastic parts were covered with leather. The armrest was additionally padded with foam to make it much more comfortable for the pilot. Sheepskins were sewn into the crewseats — and handy pockets for smartphones were also added. As a special highlight in the cockpit, a decorative double seam was added to the Glareshild – in orange, of course, the owner’s favorite color.

We are quite willing to admit that for a compared to other projects “small” aircraft cabin, this refurbishment project was quite complex. The specifications were very extensive – which is not particularly surprising considering so much individuality. In addition, 15 burn tests were made so that the new material combinations could be certified. But the effort was more than worth it. At AeroVisto, we are particularly dedicated to making our customers‘ wishes come true. And the great result proves: It was worth all the effort. What we see here is not just a Mustang cabin, it is the new „State of the Art“ for a Cessna Citation Mustang: a modern, sporty interior that reflects the individuality of the aircraft owner.

True Mustang Lovers should
not be satisfied with anything less!


Stay Clean Lifetime+ Leather Technology & Décor Film Application, Windowshade Refurbishment; Modified Cockpit Armrest for more comfort


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