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When Carsten Matthiesen visited the owner of this Challenger 604 in Estonia to discuss the interior refurbishment of the aircraft, one thing quickly became clear: This was going to be a particularly individual project. You could immediately feel that this aircraft is a place where the owner spends a lot of time – a very personal place. We definitely wanted to keep it that way, so when preparing the design we paid special attention to our client’s wishes, ideas and needs.

The aircraft was registered for heavy maintenance at ACC Columbia Jet Services in Cologne. Rainer Andrä from R & R Aviation accompanied the project for the owner. He had recommended the owner to use the downtime of the Challenger 604 to make the aircraft interior fit for the next generation of operations. After all, if everything has to be removed from the aircraft anyway, it might as well be given a new shine.

The very pleasant and intensive conversation with the owner, the sample selection and design consultation was done directly on the aircraft. This is definitely the best approach, which we always recommend when preparing refurbishment projects. And even though we didn’t take our mobile showroom with us to Estonia this time, we had everything with us that could give the customer the certainty of having made the right choice.

For the final selection the owner came to AeroVisto`s state-of-the-art interior manufactory in Switzerland. AeroVisto`s production teamleader Andreas Herdt led this final interior selection actitvely while speaking towards the owner in perfect Russian language. As a fact our international team is able to communicate in more than 15 languages fluently.


Throughout the consultation, the focus was always on making the owner feel 100% comfortable in his aircraft. Current design trends were not decisive for this project. The aircraft was like a second home for the owner – and it should stay that way. Therefore, the motto above all discussions was: Make it feel like home!

To ensure that we were able to implement the client’s wishes down to the last detail, we created several renderings so that the owner could see in advance how the handtufted carpet would harmonize with the newly designed seats and surfaces.

Make it feel
like home

To ensure that we were able to implement the client’s wishes down to the last detail, we created several renderings so that the owner could see in advance how the handtufted carpet would harmonize with the newly designed seats and surfaces.

In such a personal environment, quality plays a very important role. The high value must be reflected in the look and feel and be recognizable at first glance. For this purpose, wooden elements were revarnished and given a high-gloss finish. When entering the aircraft, they immediately catch the eye as a highlight.
For individual comfort, the owner wanted a re-design of the seat foams. The approval was carried out here with a 3D model that we sent to the customer.

Individual comfort


Although chic, light yet durable leather dominates the design, the Club Seatings were specifically upholstered in a matching fabric. The choice of fabric for seat upholstery gives unlimited design freedom to the Aircraft intetior. Furthermore it shows even more how important it is to the owner that his interior is individual, functional and above all inviting and simply cozy.

This great Challenger 604 refurbishment project has once again shown us how inspiring and satisfying it is when we meet and precisely implement a customer’s high demands for design, individuality and functionality – down to the last detail. The customer is always at the center of our consulting and actions. He is the one who has to feel comfortable with the new aircraft interior – like in a second home.

And that’s exactly what we do our very best for at AeroVisto – day after day.


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