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Bombardier Challenger 605

Complete interior refurbishment:
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The Challenger 605 enjoys great popularity. It is ideally suited for use in European airspace and flexible in design and utility – from comfort to business use. Some would say the Challenger 605 is a „reasonable model“ because it offers a lot of value for money – and that is another reason why it has so many fans. How popular the 605 is, can be seen by the fact that hardly any aircraft of this model are offered for sale. So, if you get one – you can be happy!

Happy about getting one was also the owner of this Challenger 605, for which we did the refurbishment in cooperation with our partner ACC Columbia Jet Service.
After the transition of ownership was completed, the aircraft came to Cologne for maintenance. This down time was to be used at the same time to make the interior of the aircraft shine again. No sooner said than done!

The original configuration of the 605 for the passengers was not changed. In our design and execution considerations, we were thus able to concentrate fully on realizing the maximum best result from the available budget while meeting the customer’s clearly defined expectations.


When buying the Challenger 605, it was clear to the owner from the beginning that he would like to use the aircraft privately himself – but also that he would continue to charter it through ECLAIR AVIATION’s service. On the one hand, the interior should be comfortable, chic and welcomingly bright – on the other hand, the materials should also be durable and suitable for use as a charter aircraft.

Thanks to the use of leather made with the Stahl Stay Clean® technology, this combination does not pose a problem. The interior shines in light shades but is still dirt-repellent and easy to clean. The seat belts were color matched with the design of the seats. The décor film application used, with a dark wood finish, not only provides an attractive contrast to the leather. At the same time, they protect the useful surfaces in the passenger cabin as well as in the galley, from scratches and rapid abrasion. And if necessary, damage can be quickly repaired.

The divan should be cozy and invite you to stay. Here, the choice of material fell on a high-quality fabric made in Switzerland – the perfect combination: elegant, cozy and robust.
Last but not least, a new carpet was installed – when the opportunity presents itself.
Now the aircraft is modernized and fit for future operations. The result is convincing and worth seeing. And it fits well with the good image of a Challenger 605 – Value for Money.

This great refurbishment project shows once again that it pays to preserve values. With a new interior that fits the customer’s ideas and wishes, even used business jets can inspire and provide long-lasting service.

So, if you ever get a good opportunity to buy a Challenger 605, but you’re not sure because the old Interior doesn’t excite you … go for it! We will make sure that you will love your „new“ aircraft and use it enthusiastically.


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