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Maritime Aerospace and SWISS celebrate one-year cooperation.

With more than 100 destinations in 44 countries, Swiss International Airlines (SWISS) is Switzerland’s national airline. The SWISS fleet, with around 90 aircraft, transports nearly 18 million passengers per year. SWISS always wants to offer its customers the quality that they rightly expect. Since well-maintained aircraft interiors play a very important role in this, SWISS decided in 2018 to cooperate with Maritime Aerospace AG. Now both companies celebrate the one-year anniversary of their successful cooperation.

Maritime Aerospace convinces with quality and experience

As a specialist for business jet interiors refurbishment, Maritime Aerospace’s interest in working with SWISS was, of course, very great. “In order to win the contract with a company like SWISS, you have to be able to deliver right from the start. The decisive factor for the award last year was definitely our experience in business aviation, “recalls Hermann Bauer, Managing Director of Maritime Aerospace. “This enabled us to bring our high quality standard to SWISS and thus to contribute to the premium status of the airline. However, our Swiss location and the EASA certifications also played an important role. “
Specifically, the cooperation began with the construction of the necessary infrastructure in the SWISS hangar at the Zurich location, which enables professional repair of leather parts and other interiors. The planned tasks included, among other things, the carpet change in the entire SWISS and Edelweiss fleet, the repair and renewal of leather parts as well as painting work on various interior components.
After elaborating the specific contract details and volumes, this meant that all existing processes were analyzed and adjusted as needed. The takeover of employees of the former service provider, SRT Sattlerei, which was available due to the discontinuation of this business area, was also taken into account in the planning. Maritime Aerospace built up a powerful and reliable team around this experienced core of staff, which was able to fulfill the tasks to the satisfaction of SWISS.

SWISS is satisfied

“We made the service provider turnaround from SRT Sattlerei to Maritime Aerospace very well and were able to finish the first year without a delay,” concludes Carsten Matthiesen, the second managing director of Maritime Aerospace AG. “The order situation is also what we expected. SWISS even decided to commission Maritime Aerospace with further saddlery work. In order to be able to serve the additional volume, we will create an additional workplace in Zurich. “
SWISS also appreciates the good cooperation. Stephan Regli, Head of Maintenance at SWISS, explains: “Hermann Bauer and his team from Maritime Aerospace have so far fully lived up to our expectations. Our high standards match perfectly with the quality that Maritime Aerospace offers its customers. That’s why we want to continue our cooperation in the future. “

Further cooperation planned

So far, the collaboration is running until at least the end of 2021. With continued good performance from Maritime Aerospace, the contracts are automatically extended – and so far, everything indicates that both companies will work together on a permanent basis. SWISS plans further upgrade of the existing aircraft fleet. New, exciting projects that Maritime Aerospace will handle for SWISS.
“We see ourselves as a supporter of SWISS in order to make them even more competitive through our input and our performance,” says Hermann Bauer. “We want to create a win-win situation for everyone involved. Because that is exactly our idea of good, long-term and sustainable cooperation. ” It is very important to the management of Maritime Aerospace to be and remain a reliable and attractive partner for aviation clients in the long term. That’s why Maritime Aerospace, headquartered in Staad, is already working on other solutions that will offer SWISS new savings potential in the maintenance of the aircraft fleet. Stephan Regli adds: “The past year has shown us that we have made the right choice with Maritime Aerospace. We are therefore looking forward to many more years of cooperation. “
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