Complete Aircraft Services — 1.5 years later:

A success story of substantial expansion and optimization.

In the past 18 months, AeroVisto Complete Aircraft Services in Schnaittach (Germany) has experienced significant expansion and advancement, representing a pivotal period for the company. Here are some subsequent notable milestones that highlight the outstanding strides made during this time:

Infrastructure Expansion: We doubled our facilities at AeroVisto Complete Aircraft Services, embodying a significant investment in expanding our infrastructure. This expansion highlights our commitment to growth and signifies an enhanced capacity to cater to a broader clientele and undertake more extensive projects.

Workforce Doubling: In tandem with the infrastructure expansion, we doubled our crew, demonstrating a substantial increase in our human resources. This expansion bolsters our internal capabilities and underlines our commitment to fostering employment opportunities and cultivating a skilled workforce.

Modern Seat Saddlery: We assembled a modern saddlery for seats, representing a pivotal investment in advanced facilities. This development underscores our dedication to staying at the forefront of technology and innovation within the aircraft services industry.

Window Assy Shop: The establishment of our Window Assy Services Shop further amplifies our service capabilities, emphasizing our dedication to providing comprehensive and specialized solutions to our clientele.

Expertise Development: Training specialists for Decor Film Applications reflects our commitment to fostering expertise within our workforce. This ensures the delivery of high-quality, specialized services to meet the diverse needs of our clientele also at the Schnaittach site.

Logistics Optimization: We have expanded our Logistics Solutions by establishing a new Logistics Center in Schnaittach. This expansion underscores our commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

At CAS, our focus is mainly on EU Logistics. We aim to simplify operations within EU countries, eliminate customs clearance issues, and showcase enhanced customer convenience. This way, we strategically utilize our locations in Switzerland and Germany to maximize customer benefit, providing a seamless experience for our valued clientele.

Furthermore, the customs topic at our Swiss site in Staad caters to the steadily increasing number of customers worldwide. It also facilitates operations for UK customers who now operate outside the EU. And, of course, our Swiss site also ensures no customs issues within Switzerland, further enhancing the ease of doing business with us for our Swiss clients and partners.

Customer Satisfaction and Operational Efficiency:
We have received broad positive feedback regarding the takeover of the CAS site and the reception of the location. This positive response highlights the strong endorsement of our strategic decisions and reinforces our commitment to customer satisfaction.

One of AeroVisto’s key objectives is continuously reducing complexity and optimizing our sites‘ processes. By doing so, we aim to enhance operational efficiency and consistently deliver exceptional value to our customers. This proactive approach enables us to streamline operations and maximize customer satisfaction, ultimately contributing to our long-term success. By consistently striving for operational excellence, we are confident that we will continue to exceed customer expectations and maintain our position as a leader in the industry.

At AeroVisto, we eagerly anticipate numerous upcoming General and Commercial Aviation refurbishment projects — spanning Schnaittach, Staad, and Zurich. As we look to the future, additional locations are set to follow in the coming years. This strategic expansion allows AeroVisto to further cultivate its proximity to customers while broadening its presence in key aviation markets.