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SWISS PM Day 2024

A Day of Collaboration and Hospitality at AeroVisto Headquarters

Each year, SWISS Maintenance organizes the „SWISS PM Day“ — an exclusive event dedicated to its Production Managers. This event provides a platform for them to expand their knowledge and gain insights into related industries. In May, AeroVisto was honored to host this extraordinary event. We extend our gratitude to Jessica Barbagallo for the opportunity and seamless cooperation that made this event possible.

With 23 Production Managers from SWISS, we were proud to welcome a diverse group of experienced attendees to the AeroVisto headquarters.The event was packed with engaging presentations, insightful discussions, and interactive workshops. These sessions were designed to focus on the latest management trends and technological advancements in our field, providing our attendees with practical and up-to-date knowledge. This horizon-broadening format allowed them to gain new understandings that could be valuable in their work environment.

At AeroVisto, hospitality is an essential part of our company’s spirit. We know from experience that an integral part of any event is the ability to network and unwind in a relaxed setting. We gave our guests and team that opportunity with the big BBQ hosted within the spacious AeroVisto halls, offering a delightful culinary moment. It was the perfect backdrop for informal chats and building lasting professional connections between SWISS and AeroVisto employees.

The thanks we received, marked by the signatures and warm messages on our signature board, are a resounding testament to the event’s success and a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our professional colleagues.

We are reminded that the essential aspects of such events are not just the knowledge gained but also the shared experiences and sense of community that emerge from coming together. AeroVisto is honored to have been a part of this and looks forward to many more opportunities to host and collaborate with the best minds in the aviation industry — as we did during the SWISS PM Day.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to pursue business excellence in all we do.

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