Creating the future

I believe this is a key responsibility of our time for us as entrepreneurs, but also as civilians.

Climate and environment plays a central role in this context. My generation has known for a long time that the way we are living and producing is harmful to the environment and the climate. It is now the younger generation that has triggered a wave in the civilian population and is moving politics, economy and industry to rethink and act. The negative thing is that there are always people and organisations that deny climate change and attack and abuse active young people. Maybe these are just people who are not used to dealing with changes. We should not pay too much attention to them. But to all those who have started to reshape the future. I don’t think that society is ready to live a culture of abstinence. Especially globally, people on other continents are aiming for our current standard of living.
Our aviation industry has been somewhat discredited, whether rightfully or unrightfully, this is something we can discuss. The fact is that people want to and have to fly, and railways are perhaps somewhat overestimated by politicians in terms of their capacity and ability. Every form of mobility has its legitimacy and will develop. I am sure, aviation will have the solutions for climate-neutral flying ready soon.
Through new or already known technologies, through quantum jumps in developments and through the worldwide offer in competition with the prospect of making profit, it will be possible to preserve the planet and make it permanently life-sustaining and worth living. In the spotlight are the major companies that will be the trendsetters, but also the medium-sized and small companies to create offers for the consumer, develop and use products and services in a forward-looking way. It will not only be more about shareholder value, but above all about stakeholder expectations. In the future, consumers will decide which car technology they drive, whether they fly and with whom and how they dress and eat. Stocks will be traded under the aspects of sustainability, humanity and environmental issues. These methods of operation will ensure that the future is being reshaped. So it is not just growth that is always important, but the willingness to innovate. We can wait for politics, but we do not always necessarily have to.
AeroVisto Group already started considering all business decisions from an environmental and climate perspective. We already use a climate-neutral air exchange heating systems and purchase 100% green electricity. We will begin to replace plastics, offer and use new and innovative interior materials, and gradually replace our vehicles with hybrid and/or electric drives. Win-win-win for the earth, the customer and us, it is a true pleasure to create the future, let’s do it together in a close partnership.
Hermann Bauer, Managing Director and Owner,
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