Welcome Maria Maruna

Aviation Interior Service

New entry to the sales team of the AeroVisto Group: Welcome Maria Maruna. Based in Miami/Florida, Maria will mainly serve customers and prospects from North and South America, and the Caribbean.

We have launched our New Design Collections for the Business Jet class.

At AeroVisto business jet refurbishment is our great passion. Thanks to numerous projects, we have great expertise in this area and already offer our customers many convincing solutions. However, in search of the best experience for our customers, we are always looking for new ways to set an example in our industry.

We have launched the “Aviation Design Initiative” — Why? That’s Why!

We live in exciting times. Many markets and industries are currently facing a major transformation. This is no different in aviation. Where the journey is heading, what trends there are in the field of mobility and which ones will ultimately prevail, can be seen in particular if you take a look at the automotive industry.

Official handover of our brand new unique Mobile Showroom

As a service provider of VIP refurbishments/ modifications we will visit the customers on site and demonstrate the full spectrum of technical and optical options and the latest innovations. All samples for viewing, touching and smelling.