Official handover of our brand new unique Mobile Showroom

As a service provider of VIP refurbishments/ modifications we will visit the customers on site and demonstrate the full spectrum of technical and optical options and the latest innovations. All samples for viewing, touching and smelling.
Whether at the airport, in the hotel, in the office or at home, we are fast, flexible and close to the customer in an exceptionally pleasant atmosphere.
AeroVisto highlights again its customer focus, uniqueness and first-class service. We look forward to all upcoming trips and adventures.
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10 Years of Trustful Partnership

On April 1, 2014, we embarked on a remarkable journey to set new benchmarks for the general aviation interior aftermarket. Together, we have laid the foundation for what is now the AeroVisto Group, with a clear vision to innovate, inspire, and elevate the standards of excellence. As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we take pride in reflecting on the incredible milestones and achievements that have shaped our journey.

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Client Case: Bombardier Challenger 850

The design line created for AirX serves as the foundation for comprehensive cabin upgrades across all Challenger 850 aircraft in the fleet. The scope ranges from the cockpit and wooden surfaces to passenger seats and a complete modernization of window shades throughout the aircraft.

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