Let’s talk about Switzerland! Interview Part 1

Aviation Interior Service, Aero Visto

In numerous discussions with our customers and partners, we are asked the same questions again and again: How can it be that a company that is operating throughout Europe and the world, has and keeps its headquarters in Switzerland? Isn’t that „too expensive“? Isn’t that too „complicated“ in terms of processing?

Project Review – Cessna Citation XLS

Aviation Interior Service, Aero Visto

A Cessna Citation XLS in cooperation with Air Hamburg? This simply had to be a project that ran absolutely smoothly. Why? Well, this was the seventh XLS that we have worked on together in the past few years. During this time, a great partnership has developed.

Project Review – Embraer Legacy 650

Aviation Interior Service, Aero Visto

Satisfaction and trust — these are the ingredients for a long-term customer relationship and the strongest motivation for a customer to come back. This is also evident in this refurbishment project.


With the Citation Mustang, Cessna has brought an absolutely beloved model onto the market that has numerous fans. But what Mustang owners often note is that the quality of the aircraft’s interior makes it quite obvious that it is the aircraft manufacturer’s entry-level model. Why?

Project Review – Cessna CJ1

This Cessna CJ1 is a prime example of the many possibilities and the great customer benefits that refurbishment offers in business aviation.

Project Story – Part 2: Vision Takes Shape

Images, technical drawings, renderings – this was the basis for one of the most complex refurbishment projects we have been involved in to date. In addition, there were numerous e-mails and messages with a multitude of details that were to communicate the designer’s vision to us as well as possible.