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Bombardier Global 5000

a complete and artful metamorphosis
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Bombardier Service Centre (Biggin Hill)
Bombardier Global 5000

This private jet interior refurbishment of a Bombardier Global 5000 is one thing above all: the impressive, handcrafted work of many talented and dedicated people.

From the creative heads at Winch Design London, via the artist we had the pleasure to work with, to the numerous men and women at AeroVisto, a lot of heart and soul and countless work steps have flown into the cabin of this private jet to realize a complete and artful metamorphosis.

a complete and
artful metamorphosis

This cannot be overlooked: a real piece of art in a private jet cabin. The unique artwork that graces the partition walls of this extraordinary Global 5000 is the work of Paresh Nrshinga, an artist from London.

Paresh was invited to make Winch’s vision a reality. The bold colors provide the viewer with a great contrast to the moderate and natural tones of the interior. Most importantly, this highlight emphasizes the strong individuality and uniqueness of Winch’s design for its client.

The Winch Design team specializes in offering its customers a unique interior experience. And this cabin is an imposing example of what true design freedom means.

a real piece of art

Bombardier Global 5000
Bombardier Global 5000

The cabin of this private jet exudes a whole unique ambiance. Traveling in this modern, high-tech machine makes you feel much more like you’re in your second home.

When you take place in one of the comfortable seats, you can feel Winch’s significant expertise in designing luxurious spaces that feel very inviting and cozy. Many years of experience from numerous interior projects in aviation, yacht, and architecture have gone into the look and feel of this aircraft cabin.

feels like
a second home

Bombardier Global 5000
Bombardier Global 5000

Winch’s design team opted for a new finish using Décor Film Applications for all surfaces of the private jet cabin that previously had a wooden veneer. A dark wood pattern was chosen that perfectly matches the colors of the leather used for the new upholstery of the passenger seats and other cabin components.

The convincing result shows how perfectly this innovative technology can be combined with other high-quality, high-end materials. In the case of this project, the decision to use Décor Film Applications was not a question of budget or time. Instead, it was the ideal solution to realize the visual ideas of Winch’s design team.

an ideal solution to realize design ideas

This cabin’s harmonious overall effect results from meticulous planning and groundwork. Winch’s design team has thought through every aspect of the interior to the smallest detail, taking great care to ensure that none was overlooked in the implementation process.

Passengers can discover all these details bit by bit: the central stripes and piping of the passenger seats, the asymmetrical patterns of the leather-upholstered bulkheads, the stitching on the upper sidewalls, and the diverse textures of the numerous materials that were used. And let’s not forget the fully custom-made, hand-tuft VIP carpet, which adds a fresh, technical-modern touch to the cabin.

every detail counts

Bombardier Global 5000
Bombardier Global 5000

scope of work



We will soon publish some background stories about this stunning refurbishment project.

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