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Armin Skala

Healthy, steady growth requires the suitable structures. We also see this in the current positive development of the AeroVisto Group. We have grown strongly in recent years. Thereby, the corporate philosophy of AeroVisto has always been characterized by one principle: When it comes to our employees, we never talk about human resources management — we practice personnel care and culture!

At the same time, we have always been aware that we will quickly reach a point where this crucial task can no longer be the executive management’s sole responsibility but rather a full-time job.

This moment has now come. We are glad that we could win a very competent person for this crucial task in the AeroVisto Group who fits the company very well: Armin Skala.

In his new role as „Head of Personal and Culture,“ Armin Skala is responsible for all activities contributing to our team’s best work – from recruitment to professional development to taking over important key positions.

Armin Skala has been working in personnel management for almost 20 years. During this time, he has worked with many industries and professions – mainly in the manufacturing sector. Armin readily admits that he himself is not a craftsman. In the meantime, however, he has already gained such in-depth expertise in many trades that he is able to talk to applicants at a professionally high level. We will be happy to use this experience because we have a lot planned in the coming months regarding personnel.

„The decision to join AeroVisto was not a difficult one for me,“ explains Armin, who has already supported the AeroVisto Group in recruiting and strategic development over the past few years. That has not only to do with the fact that Armin is an enthusiastic model pilot and is basically passionate about everything related to aviation. Armin recounts, „In the past two years, I have often been on-site at AeroVisto. I have heard the feedback from the employees and personally experienced how important it is for the management to deal with people; that appreciation towards the employees is always highly valued. I know this differently from other companies. And so the thought came to me early on: Yes, I could work here. So when the new position in Personnel & Culture was created, and Hermann Bauer asked me if it could become a part of the company, I gladly agreed.“

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How does Armin Skala see his task at AeroVisto? „We live in times when the companies apply to the professionals and not the professionals to the companies. That’s why topics such as a company’s culture, values as well as sustainable principles of action have become essential if you want to attract the right employees,“ Armin explains. So it’s no longer just the legal basis that counts or a quality workplace. The social component has become the decisive issue because as Armin adds: „If the environment is right, the personal feeling fits — then you have arrived at the right place also in your professional life.“

From now on, Armin Skala will ensure that the AeroVisto Group lives out this idea even more strongly at all its locations. In this way, he will contribute significantly to the personal development of our workforce and the sustainable development of our company.

A warm welcome to Armin Skala!

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