Satisfaction and trust — the ingredients for a long-term customer relationship.

Project Review – Embraer Legacy 650

Satisfaction and trust — these are the ingredients for a long-term customer relationship and the strongest motivation for a customer to come back. This is also evident in this refurbishment project.

In cooperation with General Atomics AeroTec Systems (formerly RUAG), we have already refurbished a Legacy 600 some time ago. The owner of the aircraft was very satisfied with the result and the process. So he entrusted the refurbishment of his new aircraft – this Embraer Legacy 650 – to the same double team again.

A weighty argument in the choice of the contractor was the fact that General Atomics AeroTec Systems could offer him a one-stop-shop solution: Maintenance, exterior painting and refurbishment were provided from a single source and implemented during the same down time. This of course requires good coordination, communication and a high level of trust — a foundation we can build on thanks to the numerous projects we have already realized in partnership with General Atomics.

The interior of this Legacy 650 offers a few highlights we’d like to mention: With the Diamond Stitching, the passenger seats have a again a modern and up-to-date look. The used leather with Stay Clean Lifetime+ Technology, was produced fully on customer request – both in terms of color tone, as well as the grain of the leather. Designer fabrics were used for the Divan, which were treated with anti-flame additives for approval. The surfaces of the interior, black wood finished to a high gloss, were repaired where necessary and completely re-polished. The floor of the cabin is covered with a new handcuffed carpet.

Now the aircraft appears in new splendor again.

By providing detailed advice on design and material options, renderings and mood boards, we ensured that the look and feel of the cabin corresponded 100% to the ideas and wishes of the aircraft’s owner. After all, our most important goal in this project as well is that our customer is absolutely satisfied … and will be delighted to come back again.

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