2 days, 3 countries, 4 locations,
and lots of great ideas.

First AeroVisto-VARTAN.AERO Tour 2023

With the „360°CabinService“ AeroVisto and VARTAN.AERO have started close cooperation and will soon offer business and private jet aviation customers a unique service. We already reported on this in December.

To bring this joint project forward, we invited VARTAN.AERO to a tour through the locations of the AeroVisto Group. And so last week Ingo Grünewald and Marco Konschak visited us.

We had a lot planned, so the days were tightly scheduled. From Hamburg, Ingo and Marco first went to Switzerland. After landing at Zurich airport, Sven Eifridt guided our guests through the on-site AeroVisto Component-Shop. Afterward, we headed to our manufacturing facility in Staad, where Piotr Nidzgorski took over the tour of the facility. Next, we crossed over Austria to the other side of Lake Constance, where we visited the Aero Expo with our guests. Day 2 was scheduled for a visit to Complete Aircraft Services, at our German location in Schnaittach, before taking our guests to Munich Airport for the flight back to Hamburg.

Yes, we readily admit: those were two tough days for everyone involved. But it was worth the effort, and we achieved the purpose of the „AeroVisto / VARTAN.AERO Tour“: we discussed many good ideas for further joint activities, and we made concrete plans to offer our customers in private and business aviation an even better and more comprehensive service in the future.

We thank Ingo and Marco for the lively and fruitful exchange and look forward to implementing the joint project.

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