We celebrate a very special year!

25 years on the path to
an excellent customer experience!

We celebrate! Why? Because 01.04.2021 is a special date in our company history. With this day, AeroVisto AG has been on the way to an excellent customer experience for 25 years. 

What started as a family business in 1996, has grown into a true aviation company in the last quarter century. What started with a very limited offer for small aircraft became a powerful partner for aircraft owners, charter companies, operators and maintenance companies. 

To achieve this, we have invested a lot of heart and know-how. But we are not the only ones who have worked hard to achieve this success. In the past years, many people have accompanied AeroVisto. They have supported us in giving the company the shape we can be so proud of today.

We would like to thank …

We would like to thank our employees who work hard every day to ensure that we meet the expectations we have set for ourselves in terms of quality and on-time delivery.

We would like to thank our valued customers who, with their many special requests and their justifiably high demands, have encouraged us to become a little better every day, and to question every day anew the supposed limits of what is possible.

We would like to thank our long-term partners, who actively support us when we at AeroVisto once again come up with unexpected ideas, unique concepts, unusual materials and innovative accessories to “make them fly”.

Our 25th anniversary will be with us throughout the year.

In articles and posts in the coming days and weeks, we will tell you more about our company history, our professional and strategic development, AeroVisto’s vision and mission, and also how we see the future of our company and the business jet aviation industry.
Last but not least, we do not give up hope that the pandemic situation will finally ease in the coming months. Then we can invite you all to a great celebration worthy of the 25th anniversary of a success story — the success story of AeroVisto Group.
So stay tuned and stay with us through this special anniversary year.
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