AeroVisto Group — dynamic development together with Roger Hohl

Over the past few years, the AeroVisto Group has firmly established itself as an essential player in the general aviation aftermarket in Europe through continuous development and expansion. With 60 employees at three locations in Nuremberg, St. Gallen and Zurich, the Group serves aviation customers far beyond the European region, demonstrating its ability to meet the requirements of a changing market.

To strengthen the basis for further positive development, AeroVisto has now decided on a comprehensive restructuring at the management level. The structure of the newly established Management Circle focuses on the three main pillars of the company’s DNA:

  1. highest customer satisfaction
  2. efficient and agile operating processes
  3. strategic, future-oriented development and sustainable growth

Within this circle, Carsten Matthiesen takes on the role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO) with the aim of further maximizing customer satisfaction. Hermann Bauer is moving to the position of Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) in order to focus more on the Group’s forward-looking strategic direction and sustainable growth.
Roger Hohl, who will join the Group as Chief Operating Officer (COO) on January 1, 2024, will also play an important role in the new management team. He brings with him remarkable expertise from his previous work in aviation.

As Managing Director at Aircraft Cabin Modification GmbH since 2017, based in Memmingen, Bavaria, Roger Hohl has gained extensive management experience. Before that, he was already a company Management Board member. He also served as Executive Editor for LUXVISOR in Switzerland and set records as CEO of InterSky Luftfahrt GmbH in Austria, becoming the world’s youngest active airline CEO in 2015/2016. His career at InterSky also included roles as CCO and CMO, where he was known as the world’s youngest in these positions, too.

Corporate development of the AeroVisto Group 2013-2023

The AeroVisto Group has formulated ambitious goals for the coming years. In addition to doubling its turnover from 12 million in 2023 to 24 million in 2030, the company is planning to strengthen its presence in North America next year to better serve its customers based there. At the same time, the service offering for commercial aviation in Europe will be expanded. In order to achieve its expansionary goals, the AeroVisto Group is planning further cooperations, mergers and acquisitions of suitable companies, that will help to consolidate and further accelerate the Group’s positive development.

Thanks to the new management structures and the defined growth plans, the AeroVisto Group believes it is well-positioned to face future challenges and strengthen its market position in the long term.


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Organizational structure of the AeroVisto Group as of 01.01.2024